• There Are Differences: Boomer Men Vs. Women
    A large percentage of Boomer men aspire to long lives; yet, many do not have faith that bonus years will be so golden. A gap between ambition and outlook is an opportunity for marketers promoting late-life reinvention, such as community colleges offering curricula for men to learn meaningful new vocations.
  • Media Consumption Has Become 'Enhanced'
    We Boomers may have been weaned on TV, but we're growing beyond our analog roots. We dig e?mail, we read blogs and we poke around YouTube. Some of us even know what Twitter does, even if we haven't quite figured out why we should care.
  • Creative Healthcare Coverage For Boomers
    With skyrocketing healthcare costs, an increase in boomer entrepreneurs covering their own healthcare, rising unemployment, and an increase in medical conditions as we age, baby boomers will need to get creative to cover healthcare costs until they're eligible for Medicare. Here are some options they will likely consider.
  • Integrated Media Strategies Are Necessary
    Unlike other age groups, Boomers consume a daily, balanced diet of media from multiple traditional and interactive sources with traditional media -- television, radio, and newspapers - providing their daily "squares."