• C-Stores Feed The Buzz
    The holidays are upon us. For many of us that means hitting the road and, most likely, filling up on gas and other items at our favorite convenience store.
  • Yes, Brad Pitt Is A Baby Boomer
    Marketers, do you know your demographics? It helps to have a face with a name. Here are the four main U.S. economic demographics with four famous cultural icon examples for easy identification and spending facts.
  • The Moody Mom -- And When To Reach Her
    Eighteen years of marriage have taught me not to talk to women about their moods, so if you opened this post upset about a man opining on a subject he can't understand, stay put. This post is about some fascinating insights from women, delivered by a woman, on what makes them different.
  • Boomer & Senior Marketing: Deconstructing J.R. Dunn Jewelers
    One of my favorite marketers is Michele Miller. In a recent post, she discusses the value of storytelling in marketing. Her lead was "Intensify the Believability and Persuasiveness of Your Ads with Hard-Hitting, Personal Stories." Below Michele shares and dissects a J. R. Dunn ad campaign. Listen to the one-minute spot (you can download the media file here: J.R. Dunn) and read on.