Don't Put Ten Pounds Of Copy Into A Five-Pound Page
    Consider an ad picturing a man (perhaps in his late fifties or early sixties standing in the water on a beach with his pants rolled up above his ankles. He appears to be watching a sunset. The caption under the image read "Live the life you've imagined" (a quote by Henry David Theroux) followed by your company logo and a sentence telling the reader how your product can help them achieve their dream. The ad allows the reader to interpret the message based on his individual needs and desires. It's a good example of conditional vs. absolute product positioning, and …
    Pay Attention To The Baby Boomers
    Though YouTube reaches 81% of all Americans on the internet, and is particularly popular among millennials who watch it more than any cable news network (39%), it isn't just for the young, as 24% of YouTube's monthly visitors are baby boomers or older.
    Simplicity Wins With Boomers
    If you ask veteran marketers what they believe to be important factors in marketing to Boomers and seniors, you'll get a litany of responses. One common answer you might find among them is, "Keep it simple." From your ad campaigns to your marketing materials and the product itself, keeping the sell simple is great advice for marketing to an older demographic. Recently, I found this concept being put into practice when I was talking about cellphones with a Boomer friend.
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