• Healthy, Wealthy And Online
    Baby Boomers hold 77% of the U.S. wealth and they spend 15 hours per week online -- two hours longer than teenagers each week
  • Bringing Sexy Back
    Sex sells, right? It's an adage as old as... well, far older than any of the consumers marketers typically seem to apply it to. When it comes to younger demographics, brands have used sex to sell everything from cars to toilet paper.
  • Financial Marketers: Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side
    It's time for the financial world to start marketing to women -- Boomer women, in particular. And at the same time, it's time for women to take a more active and aggressive role in their retirement planning. With the economy and stock market showing signs of life, there should be a sense of urgency for all involved.
  • Think Reciprocity
    Contemporary theories of marketing are increasingly defined in the context of collaborative relationships between a marketer and consumers that operate on behalf of meeting needs of the latter. But honoring this idea is often problematic because a continuing focus on sales quotas pressure marketing and sales staff to concentrate more on making deals than on helping people meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations.
  • Was This Generation Born To Rebel?
    Boomers are proudly individualistic. They defy stereotyping, because they're ... well ...defiant. Always have been. They seem to have been born to rebel, but it might be more accurate to say that they were raised with a strong sense of entitlement.