• Boom Or Bust: Which One Are You?
    When people ask me what Boomers think, my first response is, "Which ones?"
  • Meet The Super Consumers And Influencers
    Have you noticed that women are multi-taskers, run the family social calendars, are the majority of caregivers, do the household purchasing, gift buying and most all family communications? Now, women can get information online to streamline their busy lives but also to do research and shopping for autos, travel, clothes, shoes, caregiver solutions, gardening, finance, hobbies and more. Women are super consumers. The brands that engage, connect and provide them with solutions will earn their business.
  • What Do Boomer Women Want from Cosmetic Companies? Not What They're Selling
    In our recent survey, Baby Boomer women told us that cosmetic and skincare companies aren't telling her what she really wants to hear about their products.
  • The Origins of Ageless Marketing
    My friend and mentor, David B. Wolfe, passed away Dec. 3, 2011, after a long illness. David's special interest was mature markets. He wrote Serving the Ageless Market and (co-authored) Ageless Marketing, Firms of Endearment, and his last book, Brave New Worldview, was completed just before his death and will be published in the near future. He will be missed.