• Mamas, Don't Let Your Ads Grow Up To Be Camels
    Photos do tell a story -- a complete story that is more quickly perceived by older customers than younger customers. This is one of the great benefits to the way our brains age: mature consumers get the gist faster.
  • Maybe Peter Pan Should Move To Madison Avenue
    Boomers have become smart, savvy, worldly, respected and ready for the next chapter of their lives. And they want to be marketed to in a way that understands and respects not who they were, but who they are.
  • The Same But Not Alike
    Articles, news stories and features about "Boomers" may give the mistaken impression of a single collective of 76 million. But to engage Boomers today, they should be segmented like any "Adults" audience -- by income, education, values, attitude, geography, life stage, and so forth.
  • Women: Well-Connected And Wired
    Marketers who fail to address these powerful motivating factors among women who look to each other for answers and referrals -- online and in the "real" world -- will fail to win business from these valuable, well-connected consumers.
  • Connecting With Boomers On The Move
    Within this niche, traditional forms of marketing are difficult to effectively implement. The major restricting factor is the vast geographical area one must cover. This seriously restricts the use of outdoor, daily print, radio, broadcast and even cable television. So what's a marketer to do? Turn to the three Ws: www.