• Put Customer Convenience Front And Center When Designing Websites - Part I
    On June 4, 2012, I blogged about mistakes often made by website designers ("The Eyes Have It") and offered basic suggestions to improve online communications readability for older populations. I wrote that according to AIGA, the professional association for design, considerably younger people prepare much of the information intended for older eyes and typically base their creative decisions upon how the world looks to them through their younger eyes (frame of reference).
  • Putting Mom And Dad In The Backyard
    You hear a lot about the concept of aging in place as an alternative to moving into a retirement community or similar facility. The reputation of home-based care is also improving, and is increasingly being viewed as a less costly alternative to institutionalized care. What's more, a provision of the Affordable Care Act will pay for healthcare delivered in the home.
  • Your Brand Is Missing The Largest Share Of Wallet And Their Vote
    If you are a Presidential election Super Pac or committee, selling destinations, travel or autos, don't miss the wealthiest U.S. demographic, Baby Boomers ages 48 - 66. They consume online media at a rate of 15 hours or more per week, longer than Gen X or Gen Y and spend more each month online.
  • Why Even Nora Ephron's Death Couldn't Save Ann Curry
    Does this mean Boomers should be heard but not seen?
  • The Wizard Of Ads And Abraham Maslow
    Time magazine once called Ogilvy "the most sought-after wizard in today's advertising industry." To celebrate his 100th birthday, Michele Miller, a partner in the Wizard of Ads marketing firm, recently posted a June of 2011 posting honoring "The Father of Advertising," David Ogilvy. David passed in 1999.