• Making Advertising Relevant To Boomers
    You don't have to double your advertising budget and develop a completely separate marketing program to reach Boomers. All you have to do is make your current programs relevant to consumers across all age groups and generations.
  • Boom(er) Or Bust Holiday Season?
    While many marketers have not yet grasped the value of this booming demographic, the smart ones will realize that 50+ is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • 'Waiting for Superman' -- The Caregiver Version
    Who will own caregiving the way Johnson & Johnson's BabyCenter owns the motherhood lifestage? The potential cast of characters is broad: publishers, aging-in-place tech companies, pharma, health plans, health care providers, housing developers, contractors, care/case managers, authors, the government.
  • If Mainstream Media Embrace Boomers, Will PBS Take The Lead?
    It's hard to imagine a media distribution platform better naturally suited to a Boomer campaign than this one. The Boomer television viewer (especially the vibrant, educated Boomer woman) already embraces PBS -- which is a lot more than you can say for the AARP.