• Welcome To The Revolution, Nielsen
    In marketing and business there are always naysayers. Some believe Boomers have become fatigued as a consumer segment and it is all downhill from here.
  • Excitement Or Peacefulness?
    If your ad is truly targeted at the group in their 20's and 30's, you're making a critical decision. You're not just saying your brand is all about the younger group, you're also very clearly saying that your brand is not for the older group. You're saying, "Ignore this ad," to nearly 100 million consumers. You're saying, "Don't buy our product," to the group with the most disposable income on the planet.
  • You've Come A Long Way, Baby -- Or, Have You?
    With Bureau of Labor Statistics suggesting that Boomer women will continue working past 65 -- some for professional and personal fulfillment, others out of financial need -- markets would do well to remember that Boomer working women are not monolithic.
  • Sex And Women: A Giant Market Opportunity, Silenced
    Smart marketers (like those at the Vermont Country Store, other women-friendly websites, and some drug chains) do recognize this fact, and are doing just what they should do by answering real human needs and offering products and services that actually improve life.