• How Marketing To Moms Is Like Marketing To Boomers
    In preparing for this year's M2Moms --The Marketing to Moms Conference, I've touched based with a number of the speakers to find out what's on their minds. I've been struck by how much of today's best practices for marketing to the current batch of Millennial moms can be directly applied to marketing to their Boomer mothers.
  • Looking At Lucrative Lifestages: Engaging American Grandparents
    The recent release of "The MetLife Report on American Grandparents," by Peter Francese with MetLife Mature Market Institute, reveals the changing face of grandparents in the United States. It also provides a roadmap for companies with products and services for children. Increasingly, grandparents are helping young families financially navigate in this tough economic climate, paying for items essential to day-to-day life, and also looking forward to big-ticket items like tuition, cars, and college.
  • Mature Consumers Want To Have Their Cake. And Eat It, Too!
    It is evident that as we age, our bodies change, often leading to impaired digestion, a phenomenon that often has a drastic effect on our nutrient and dietary requirements. To the majority of aging Boomers, this just means that we can't always enjoy the foods we used to, at least not without some unpleasant repercussions. But, according to some industry experts, older consumers aren't necessarily changing their eating habits, thanks to a proliferation of prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • What Jane Fonda Means If You Market To Boomers
    Fonda's recently published memoir, Prime Time: Love, health, sex, fitness, friendship, spirit -- making the most of your life, is not only giving those women another look at Fonda's most recent version of herself, it's also giving marketers a chance to improve their odds of successfully engaging Boomer and female consumers who have little in common with Fonda themselves.
  • Blame The Boomers (Again)
    Those self-centered, greedy Boomers got us into this Great Recession. Their spend now, save never attitude has bankrupted not only them, but everyone else. Soon, they will sell their McMansions in order to downsize to single-floor living, depressing the housing market for years. Next, they will bankrupt Social Security and Medicare. And recently, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco reported in its Economic Letter that Boomers will likely cause a prolonged slump in stock prices through 2021 (yep, that's not a typo).
  • Don't Think Gray, Think Green
    I signed up for Facebook five years ago and today spend more than 20 hours a week there and on Twitter and LinkedIn interacting with friends, professional contacts, other moms and 20 of my favorite brands. I read and write blog posts. I have a smartphone. And -- surprise, surprise! -- I'm a Baby Boomer.
  • Adjust Your Approach; No Two Customers See Things The Same
    What many are not aware of is the differences crop up because of age-related changes in brain functions. As marketers' increase their insights into the aging mind and understand the age-related differences between customers in the first and second halves of lives, their ability to selectively connect will improve.
  • The Power Of Positive Aging
    The precise meaning of Positive Aging is impossible to pin down because there are as many different definitions as there are people. Although it's true that research can provide valuable insights into the meaning of the concept, current findings can't be synthesized into a meaningful whole that truly gets to the heart of the matter.