• Boomers And The New (Normal) Economy
    The evidence continues to mount that there is a new mentality among consumers, especially Boomers, when it comes to spending money on goods and services. If your job is to figure out how to best motivate them to spend it with your company, your job has a new normal, too. It's much harder.
  • When It Comes To The Economy, It's The Boomers, Stupid
    Eighty million consumers earning $2.5 trillion annually with 2.5 times the discretionary spending power of any other group, holding 75% of the nation's current wealth and standing to inherit between $14 and $20 trillion over the next 20 years seems to me like a group worth targeting by marketers.
  • Be Mindful Of Life Stages
    Rather than moving through life in the linear lifestyle of the World War II Generation, these new matures are creating a life stage "mosaic" -- moving in and out of a variety of life stages in a dynamic fashion. Each of these life stage changes creates unique consumer opportunities. That is, suddenly consumers are looking for products and services that may never have been in the consideration set before this life stage.
  • How Many Boomer Women Have Seats At Your Table?
    What is really needed, of course, is giving women -- and at least three women -- a seat at the tables where marketing decisions are being made. These women will not represent all women, nor will they represent women "perfectly" -- as if such a thing were possible. But they will represent themselves fully -- which is just what men have been doing all along.