• Do's and Don'ts Of Connecting
    Remember that aging customers, on average, have a superior sense of reality. Don't succumb to the myths and stereotyping about aging that pervades our society -- you may do so at the expense of the long-term potential of your business.
  • What Matters Most Is What Matters To 'Me'
    GrammyCarol's emails reveal one generational trait that does cut across many Boomers, which is the underlying question fueling her: "What's in this for me?" She's interested in topics relevant to her life right now.
  • What Happened To Aspiration?
    I have more aspiration than ever before. Different aspirations, yes. But aspiration is aspiration, no matter what it's for. And it's positive, it's something I'm looking forward to, it's something I can and will do because I want to.
  • A Tune-up For Your Consumer
    While innovative companies look to new segments for growth, many companies do not question whether their existing consumer segments have changed. They may never ask what changed or why purchase behavior declined. During turbulent economic times, this is a mistake. And it is particularly troublesome if you are targeting mature consumers today with a strategy that pre-dates 2008.
  • What Should Financial Planners Sell To Women? Independence
    The financial service industry acknowledges that it needs to gain the trust and business of the Boomer women who are taking control over their assets and investments. But the ads and messages it sends to these women suggest that financial planners are not getting them right.