• Digital Death Care: Boomers Take Charge Of Their 'Last Decision'
    A 60-something man passes away unexpectedly. His friends and relatives are scattered throughout the country, and many are elderly and too frail to venture out, much less attend his memorial service. The end result: an empty room?
  • Baby Boomers Control 70% Of The U.S. Disposable Income
    Brad Pitt is a Baby Boomer. George Clooney is a Baby Boomer. Madonna and Bruce Springsteen are Baby Boomers. Not exactly in a wheelchair or using a walker. Do I have your attention? If you are under 30 and reading this, it's your parents, ages 47 - 66. Change your thinking and understand Baby Boomers are vibrant, healthy and a very lucrative audience. The brands and agency executives that understand this will increase their bottom line.
  • When Older Boomers Drive Away Younger Boomers
    There's a reason we often write about the brands that never got Boomers right, at least never got Boomers right after they started turning 50: there are so many of them. But some brands deserve credit for always having embraced the Leading-Edge Boomers as they aged: brands like AARP, AOL, Chico's, the PT Cruiser, and the Medicare-focused health insurers.
  • Put Customer Convenience Front And Center When Designing Websites - Part II
    On April 10, 2012, Hubspot writer Corey Eridon posted a blog summarizing a list of some of the most annoying things seen on websites. This post continues some dos and don'ts she recommended and our additional thoughts to help increase the satisfaction quotient and reduce the frustration quotient of most site visitors especially Baby Boomers and senior visitors.
  • Provide Opportunities For Aging Consumers
    Baby Boomers have been credited with significant social change during their lives, but lately have been criticized for the burden their size and longevity could place on Social Security, the healthcare system and our general economic welfare.