Beyond The Buffet Table: What Retirees Are Really Hungry For
    When it comes to the dining experience, what do retirees crave the most? We decided to find out. We conducted Project Looking Glass II, a study to learn how marketers can better reach the Boomer and senior markets. (This study, which placed researchers in a senior living community for 31 days, was a five-year follow-up to Project Looking Glass I.)
    Forever Young: Looking To Age Gracefully, Inside And Out
    Boomers are younger than ever before. Yes, they are aging like everyone else, but are channeling their young spirit in a new way. From the beauty products they purchase to the lifestyles they lead, this group of 78 million is embracing their inner youngster and is looking to get the most out of life. They evaluate their age based on where they are in life, as opposed to the date on their birth certificate or number of wrinkles on their forehead, and are on a quest to look and live younger. As marketers look to engage and relate to Boomers …
    An 11-Point Strategic Approach
    On Dec. 5, 2013, Mark Bradbury wrote "Still Relevant: Top 5 Predictions For 2014" in this space. His points were well made. However, you won't find the driver of improved sales to Baby Boomers (born before 1964) in a company's planning department, or marketing/advertisement departments.
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