• Get Ready, Medicare Marketers, Because They're Almost Here
    Basic principles of direct marketing such as the use of data for segmentation and targeting, identifying the right media and offer, and developing the right message to the right boomer will assure the greatest success of any Medicare marketing efforts. Go get 'em!
  • Segment Shmegment: Slicing And Dicing The Boomer Cohort
    If you start, and finish, by looking at purchase activity -- and not attitudes -- you'll be well on your way to creating a segmentation scheme for Boomers that will work for your company or organization.
  • Was It Something I Said?
    The shocker was the number of comments that were negative. Many people actually took the time to not just disagree, but to disagree virulently.
  • The Apple Of A Boomer's Eye
    Apple also seems to have realized the potential of marketing to Boomers long before its technology and lifestyle brand competitors -- who are myopically focused on the youth market.
  • The Boomer Home In 2010: A Multi-Generational Boarding House
    The recession is making the empty nest an historical relic, at least for Boomers.