• Open It, Use It: The Move From Indifference To Friendliness
    The drumbeat of developments in packaging and technology these days brings new opportunities along with new challenges. Although we hear about generational skews in the profiles of various devices, some tenets remain constant: access and usage should be paramount in terms of design, function and marketing, while ultimately, usefulness and relevance are key.
  • Automating Ad Buys Could Erode Ad Agency Jobs
    I keep hearing that technology can dramatically increase the ROI of sales and marketing. However, I've yet to meet a marketer that says, "Give me an off-the-shelf sponsorship or media buy, you know, an ordinary media program that's vanilla and any brand can use it." Have you? Anybody that's read a website, magazine or newspaper can see that at the basic level content generally matches or complements the advertising message, service or product on the same page. Specifically I am talking about digital media today.
  • Boomers Prove Their Clout At The Box Office
    A month ago, Pamela McClintock wrote an article for The Hollywood Reporter on the failure of "Larry Crowne," a movie starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, mocking the age of its audience, 71% of whom were over the age of 50. Not only did McClintock demonstrate the classic blunder of underestimating the Boomer+ market, in a roundabout way, she highlighted the power of the very audience she mocked.
  • The Death Of Ageism
    Understanding ageism may seem like an odd subject when discussing advertising to Boomers, but it's actually crucial. Eliminating ageism is one of the keys to successfully communicating with them because it will help enable what every Boomer strives for: Positive Aging.