• Rebuilding Portfolios By Rebuilding Trust
    Recently, the researchers at Financial Finesse provided some expectedly dismal statistics: Boomers aren't saving, Millennials are managing cautiously, and Gen Xers are still having a tough time. But there was one interesting nugget: The report pits some of the blame on the financial services industry for placing an unusually heavy emphasis on the analytics of planning and investing, rather than on a client's "life stage" - the thing that will most affect their attitude about money, saving and investing, not to mention the products and services they are able (or not able) to buy.
  • Women Are Buying Mobile Devices For Themselves, Their Adult Kids, Their Parents, Their Grandchildren ...
    If you were one of the 150,000 people who found themselves at this year's CES (the annual consumer electronics show), you probably didn't see too many women aged 45-60 among the industry leaders, Gen X salespeople, or Millennial geeks who filled Las Vegas last week.
  • Marketing To Baby Boomer And Senior Customers - Part I
    For more than 20 years, we've been helping clients understand better the mind of Baby Boomer and senior customers (48 years of age and older) to successfully secure and retain them. And over that period we've learned a few things. Several years ago we published some of these insights, and we think they're worth sharing again. We'll reveal more in subsequent posts.
  • Big Thinking For Older Consumers in 2013: The Internet of Things
    The Consumer Electronics Show opens Jan. 8 in Las Vegas. During the week, morning news will be filled with reports of the most PR-worthy and sometimes very strange new ideas and devices on display at this enormous trade event. While the novel item makes a cute story, the manufacturers, engineers and designers behind all of these products must care about an end-consumer, who will ask for the technology in the package they have created. Perhaps it's my bias in focusing on mature consumers, but I believe the most interesting products and ideas are part of the Digital Health Summit and ...