• Understanding Life Cycles Will Increase Sales
    Baby Boomers are spending more time online each week, 15 hours vs. a teenager's 13 hours per week. Overall, digital advertising will receive an estimated 22% of marketer's overall marketing communication budget, according to eMarketer in 2012.
  • Restaurants Taking Orders Again
    As recently mentioned on MediaPost, an industry report showed that younger generations are dining out less frequently, but their Boomer and Silent Generation parents and grandparents are apparently picking up the slack.
  • How Will Boomers Buy Hearing Aids?
    For the last year or so, my interest in the Boomer marketplace and new products has gotten me thinking about the hearing aid market. It is hard to find a major consumer product category more in need of disruptive innovation.
  • Cupid Takes Aim At Hearts (And Wallets)
    Ah, the sacred traditions of Valentine's Day: flowers, candy hearts, and, if you're a Baby Boomer, perhaps romance after divorce.
  • Marketing To Baby Boomer And Senior Customers - Part II
    In our last post, we shared some insights learned from more than 20 years of helping clients understand better the Baby Boomer and senior customer mind, and successfully secure and retain customers 48 years of age and older. The following provides traditional and online marketers' more insights into understanding better older customers.