• Are Baby Boomers The Unicorn In Social Media?
    Fifty percent of seniors are not participating on any social network, while 47% of older boomers and 45% of younger boomers are not. So while half of older consumers may have no interest in social media, the numbers who are "reachable" is still in the 35-40 million range.
  • Winning With Boomers Takes Heart
    Combining rational marketing value (price and quality) with human, emotional values is why we think companies like Worthwhile Wines will succeed. Boomers will vote with their wallets, which are now attached to their heartstrings.
  • How Many Buying Cycles Do You Have Left?
    A friend of mine was recently in Detroit pitching a medium that targets boomers. A very nice marketing woman who will remain nameless remarked that while she loved the medium and the content, her brand didn't communicate "to people over age 50 because they don't have a lot of buying cycles left in them."
  • The Talents Of A Middle-Aged Brain
    Understanding middle-age brain functions provides important insights on marketing to Boomers during the middle-aged years.
  • Can Even A Great Ad Campaign Make People Rethink 'Depend'?
    If flawless advertising can't help this category recreate itself in the minds (and shopping carts) of consumers, what can? Should it explore new brand names? What if a package of adult diapers was sold in small packages with a brand name like Hanes?