• Nostalgia Is Good, Change Is Better
    Bowling alleys and roller rinks are hot spots again, and even drive-in restaurants and movie theaters have made something of a comeback. Retro is the new trendsetter, as witnessed by the return of Converse All Stars, the Dodge Challenger, Pac-Man, Parcheesi, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old Spice. In a previous entry, my colleague mentioned Cheerios cereal with retro packaging, and PepsiCo's Pepsi Throwback, sold with the original graphics and formula.
  • Building With Multiple Generations In Mind
    The recently released "MetLife Report on American Grandparents" revealed that 1 in 10 households is headed by a grandparent with at least one grandchild living there. The study reports that part of the reason for this is high rates of unemployment among the children's parents. Interestingly, in 1980 there were only 28 million Americans living in a household that included two adult generations or a grandparent and at least one other generation. By 2008 the number was 49 million Americans living inter-generationally.
  • The "M" In MHealth: It's For Boomers
    The mobile healthcare industry ("mHealth") often seems focused on the needs of seniors, the older-than-Boomer generation whose aging bodies place the greatest demands on our healthcare industry.
  • Life Transitions Create New Opportunities For Marketers
    The American Advertising Federation Central Regional Conference was terrific last month. I presented there about the economic strength of baby Boomers and their behavior online and began with this statement: if you are a marketing or media executive and you don't know that Boomers hold 70% of the U.S. wealth and Boomer women make or influence 80% of household purchase decisions - then you should be looking for a new job.
  • Digital Media: Tipping Point for 50+ Marketers?
    It wasn't long ago that we struggled to get marketers to even acknowledge the value of the 50+ consumer. The economic downturn greatly advanced our cause, as brand marketers began to realize that their bottom lines depended largely on consumers they'd previously ignored.
  • Steve Jobs -- A Visionary Boomer Adman
    One of the most influential Boomers in our lifetime died yesterday. Not only did he change the way we use technology, he also taught us a lot about making great advertising.
  • A Paradigm Shift Mandates New Marketing Rules
    In the last quarter of the 20th century, a demographic force -- the advent of "the Pill" in the 1960s -- resulted in the fertility rate dropping below levels necessary to replace the population.