• Enough With 'Why'; Let's Focus on 'How'
    Our message to marketers is to take your mass marketing and make it universal marketing. Find the universal truth in your brand, message or positioning that cuts across age or life stage. Use the principles of universal design in your creative, packaging, Web site and on-site materials. Develop messaging with universal appeal, not limited appeal.
  • Take Me To Your CFO
    Today, I'm going to bite the hand that feeds me. Actually, not so much the hand, more like the whole arm and part of the shoulder. Why? Because I'm addressing this article not to the Chief Marketing Officers of the world, the people who would normally hire me, I'm addressing it to the Chief Financial Officers.
  • Retrenching: From Consuming To Saving
    Since consumer spending accounts for 70% of the U.S. economy, and consumers are balking at spending, what kinds of values will they respond to in future? What kinds of brand building initiatives should marketers be focusing on? Important questions for tumultuous times ...
  • Come Together, Right Now, Over Rockband
    While "The Beatles: Rockband" launches with 45 digitally re-mastered Beatles songs covering the span of their career, Harmonix and MTV plan to offer other Beatles songs for additional downloading. And, unlike teens, Boomers are willing to pay for their music.