• You Better Be Marketing To Me
    Even if you were "one in a million," there were 78 more Boomers exactly like you. As a result, the desire to be unique and noticed has driven Boomers to be "self" centered throughout their lives.
  • Understand What And How The Consumer Thinks
    Our need for identity, relationships, purpose, gaining knowledge and growth, rejuvenation and recreation are always with us, but as we grow older, we focus more on having meaningful experiences, rather than gaining material goods.
  • I Get Around
    As geo location services become mainstream, it will be important both for developers and advertisers to remember that it's not just the Millennials who will be checking in; it will also be Boomers. If you're in doubt, remember that three years ago few believed that Boomers would embrace Facebook. But they have.
  • They Aren't Retiring -- And They Aren't Looking for Retirement Living Options
    While we knew that Boomer women aren't contemplating anything traditionally identified as "retirement," we were surprised to learn something important about their thoughts about single homeownership: They aren't going anywhere.