• Ford Takes A 'Bold' Step To Reach Boomers
    One hope, then, is that it knows this first step certainly isn't enough. Sure, bolder fonts are better than skinny fonts, but the long-term vision is still miles away.
  • What Marketers Don't Know About Aging Boomers
    Authenticity is also typically not an affect well appreciated by the marketing community culture. Yet, its connection to marketing success has never been greater because of explosive growth in the older consumer population, who don't respond well to youth-oriented marketing pitches that may titillate younger audiences and the revelatory power of the Internet.
  • On The Retail Level: For The Aging Boomer, Smaller Can Sometimes Be Better
    In an age of "bigger is better," the aging population is having issues navigating stores with large footprints and being overwhelmed by a multitude of SKUs. The emerging trend provides a more personal shopping experience and allows for less time spent in the store.
  • Engaging Boomers with OIMC (Online Integrated Marketing Communications)
    We know IMC is based on Public Relations, Promotion, Direct and Advertising that work together in a united voice instead of isolated silos. IMC increases effectiveness of a brand's marketing investment. Now apply that marketing concept to online.
  • Getting Personal: How Financial Marketers Can Reach Boomers
    Financial firms must acknowledge that Boomers are far down the road of making social and mobile media part of their everyday lives. Instead of relying heavily on TV and print ads, financial marketers must embrace new media as a place to distribute content, engage customers and spur conversations. And of course, this segment needs its own messaging and outreach and should not be lumped in with efforts targeting Millennials or Gen X.
  • More Bang for Your Boomer Buck
    The key to tapping the potential of Boomers as a whole is to recognize they are not a whole. Once marketers understand the differing mindsets of the various life stages, they can craft their messages accordingly -- and maximize their ROI against critical consumer goldmine.
  • Hit 'Em In The Gut
    You can help create that emotional appeal with colors, shapes and designs that engage and challenge the imagination. You can use rich imagery that conjures up complex feelings that even the most agile mind can't quite grasp intellectually but can certainly discern at a gut level.