Are You Ready To Be Dumped?
    When marketers are asked how they keep Boomers engaged, those who don't ignore them usually admit they take them for granted. If you are one of these marketers, you should get ready to be dumped.
    Do You Have A Story To Tell? Baby Boomers Want To Hear It
    A huge cognitive gap exists between a 30-year-old copywriter and a 65-year-old consumer. The result is that very little advertising aimed at Baby Boomers reflects the way they think because, typically, the young copywriter sees the world through the lens of an under-40 year old.
    Expressing Herself: What Marketers Can Learn When Madonna Tackles Ageism
    Always one to express herself, Madonna has her own thoughts on the issue, recently saying, "It's a form of discrimination that still has not been dealt with and it should be. I think it should be as verboten as making racist remarks or making homophobic remarks, judging somebody by their age. It's sexist and it's ageist and it's bullshit."
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