• The Diagnosis: 'Boomeritis'
    This struggle to identify our uniqueness still drives our social behavior. Finding a way to stand apart is woven into our very fabric.
  • Make It Experiential
    the baby boomer generation makes up about one-third of the U.S. population but it controls three-fourths of the wealth. How do you connect?
  • Tell Me: What Matters Now?
    What are your particular marketing challenges this year? How can this column help you meet those challenges? Is there some insight or research that could help you? That you might share with a client?
  • Media Consumers: Under-Valued But Over-Profitable
    As multi-format consumers, Boomers could hold the key to sustainability for media companies struggling with the digital age. Delivering more content that appeals to Boomer consumers would reliably increase profits (because Boomers generally rely on higher-margin formats), thereby buying time for media companies time to develop profitable business models for younger consumers -- and to prepare for the Boomers to go fully digital around the time they retire!