CondeNast, Swarovski Partner To Produce 'Salt' Magazine

 Condé Nast and Swarovski are partnering to relaunch a biannual branded print magazine called Salt, one of the jewellery brand’s first big moves into content creation.

Now, Condé Nast is in charge of cobbling together an editorial team to create Salt, adding new roles to their current jobs.

The standalone magazine, which has been published biannually since 2011, will be led by Condé Nast’s editor-in-chief of contract publishing and editorial director Darius Sanai. Former Vogue fashion features director Harriet Quick will take on the role of editor, while Kate Law, from British Vogue, will serve as art director, according to a The Drum.



Salt’s content will range from fashion, design, jewellery and style inspired by Swarovski, their collaborators and partners.

Condé Nast will also reportedly place ads for their own brands inside the magazine.

Salt’s first issue will be published this month by the Condé Nast contract publishing division; it will be available in English, Mandarin and Japanese editions.

The second issue is planned for release next February.

The magazine will be distributed via mail in the US, UK, Europe, China, Japan and South East Asia to Swarovski clients, as well as available for purchase at select newsstands in London, China, USA, Paris, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.

The content will also be available online on Swarovski’s site.

While it may seem counterintuitive to relaunch a print magazine when the industry is struggling, luxury titles - especially ones that can attract an international audience- continue to perform for publishers.

Editor's note: This story has been updated.

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