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Women More Interested In Being Green

Studies show that men are not as environmentally friendly as women. Let's face it, not too many "man caves" feature solar panels, recycle bins or posters of electric cars. It's just not manly. But could men be persuaded to go green? New research indicates the answer is yes -- and it's all about branding.

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  1. Hank Stewart from Green Team, August 30, 2016 at 8:46 a.m.

    And? Where’s the rest of it? It’s all about branding how? 

    Oh, never mind. MediaPost wrote a similar, albeit more detailed, article on this very topic in October 2011. Back then, I commented that the way to get men to care about environmental issues is through their protective paternal instinct.

    One thing all men have in common is, if you’re a Dad, no one messes with your kids. Yet environmental crises such as global warming, air and water quality, floods, droughts, increased storm intensity—the list goes on—are indeed messing with our kids. 

    This line of thinking led me to create a small, social-benefit business, Army of Dads (shameless self-promotion alert!). Our mission is to harness the paternal protective instinct to improve the health and welfare of kids everywhere. This, to me, is at least one way to get men more involved with an issue the clearly transcends gender.

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