IGN: Gamers Spend Over $700 a Year on Games

  • March 29, 2005
IGN, an Internet media company covering entertainment, Monday released a study finding that video and computer game enthusiasts are spending $700 a year on console games, PC games, and gaming accessories. The study, which was conducted by surveying 5,000 IGN.com and Gamespy.com users, found that the hard-core gamers who frequent those sites spend on average $341 a month on games for consoles like XBox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube; $233 on PC games; and another $140 for game accessories like memory cards and controllers.

The study also found that video game consumers utilize word of mouth and reviews when making their purchasing decisions. Respondents to the survey said they advise 5 to 6 people per month on average about gaming-related purchases, and said they check editorial reviews of games and recommendations from their friends as the top two means of making a purchasing decision. Game publishers' Web sites and print advertising were rated the lowest as factors influencing gamers.

--Shankar Gupta



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