Two Of Five Spend Significant Part of Marketing Budget Online

Two Of Five Spend Significant Part of Marketing Budget Online

WebTrends and eMarketer surveyed attendees at the Ad:Tech San Francisco conference on advertising technology, finding that 25.8% said they allot only between 0% and 5% of their marketing budget to online advertising, but that 33.5% of respondents said that over 41% of their marketing budget is spent online.

Percent of Marketing Budget US marketers Spend on Online Advertising

Percent of Budget Allocated% of Marketers Spending
41% or more33.5%

Source: WebTrends and Emarketer, May 2004

About the same number of attendees measure their online ad efforts with click-through rates only and conversion metrics. Complete ROI analysis of online ad campaigns is the most often used, however, favored by over 35% of respondents.

Methods Used by US Marketers to Measured Online Ad Results in May

Measurement Method% Respondents
Using Complete ROI analysis35.4%
Click-through rates only24.2%
Conversion metrics18.7%
Don't measure21.7%

Source: WebTrends and Emarketer, May 2004

More than 30% of respondents said their main website goal is lead generation and 25.1% said their sites are media and/or publishing properties. 27% said their conversion rates are between 0% and 3%, and about 30% had conversion rates between 4% and 10%. Almost half of the respondents reported that they either don't measure or don't know what their online conversion rates are.

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