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Pine-Sol Salutes The New 'Makers Of Home'

The composition of the American family has changed over the past few generations, with many more single-parents (including single fathers), blended families and grandparent-led families than ever before. 

To reflect that new reality, Pine-sol is launching a new social media campaign that brings these new family identities front and center. 

Via a branded microsite, Pine-Sol introduces three families — a mixed-race couple with a child with special needs, a blended family with adopted children and a single mom — to depict how families have changed, and how the idea of “making a home” has changed along with them. 

In an introductory video, the subjects talk about how “it’s not 1950 anymore,” and how different their families are from what had been presented on television for years. “I don’t have dinner prepared every day when you walk in the door,” says one woman. “I don’t wear an apron. I don’t bake casseroles.”



The video suggests a redefinition of the word “homemaker,” pointing out that 12 million families are headed by single parents; 1,300 new blended families are created every day and 125,000 children are adopted into homes every year. The video then suggests others share their stories about how they are “makers of home.”

“Families look different today ,and we sought them out to find and tell their stories,” said Sacha Connor, director of marketing for Pine-Sol parent the Clorox Company, in a statement. “From our place on American countertops for the past 87 years, we've seen the evolution of homemaking firsthand and knew that the word 'homemaker' needed an update.” 

Launching during National Adoption Month, the brand has also committed to donated $50,000 to Together We Rise, a not-for-profit dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care. Pine-Sol will also send care packages of gift cards, games and cleaning products to 150 new adoptive families as part of the campaign.

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