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Aaron Baar is a reporter of Marketing Daily at MediaPost. You can reach Aaron at

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  • Peloton Brings The Workout Home in Marketing Daily on 05/24/2017

    "More Americans work out at home than anywhere else," Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, svp of brand marketing, at the company, tells "Marketing Daily." "Peloton is the only way to bring the motivation and power of a group fitness class into your home. The campaign shows you that Peloton is the most engaging workout that will make you want to show up every single day."

  • Pay-TV, Internet Satisfaction Rates Remain Low in Marketing Daily on 05/23/2017

    In the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, both sectors tied for last place among the 43 industries tracked. Only wireless telephone providers were the only telecom industry to improve on the index.

  • Overall Experience Drives Loyalty Program Satisfaction in Marketing Daily on 05/23/2017

    The average consumer belongs to 14 loyalty programs (up from 9 three years ago), but satisfaction levels have remained steady, according to Bond Brand Loyalty. Marketers need to focus on the overall experience to stand out.

  • GE Brings 'Good Things, For Life' in Marketing Daily on 05/19/2017

    "We're committing not only to building long-lasting products but [also to] our brand promise of fitting within a lifestyle," says Rick Hasselbeck, GE Appliances chief marketing officer.

  • Axe Encourages Guys To Question Masculine Qualities in Marketing Daily on 05/18/2017

    "As a global lifestyle brand, we have a substantial platform and we see it as our responsibility to use it for good," says Rik Strubel, global VP, Axe. "The 'Is It OK For Guys?' campaign helps bring this to life by highlighting the tough questions guys privately struggle with and are asking Google in search of answers."

  • Q&A: Why Adobe Enlisted Imagine Dragons For Anniversary Party in Marketing Daily on 05/16/2017

    Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes explains why getting the hit band to let fans cut "Believer" raw footage into their own music videos was the best way to celebrate the product's 25th anniversary.

  • Liquid-Plumr Owns 'The Crack' in Marketing Daily on 05/15/2017

    "By turning a humorous stereotype into a badge of honor, we wanted to portray empowerment and confidence," Tiffany Leung, associate brand director for Liquid-Plumr, tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Shutterfly Shoots For Emotional Impact With Mother's Day Effort in Marketing Daily on 05/13/2017

    "Shutterfly has been trying to explain why their products are so great, but they're such personal things. They create an emotional connection," says Elaine Cox, creative director at Shutterfly. "The challenge was to communicate to those who are on autopilot [for Mother's Day gifts] to take a little time to make something personal."

  • Boost Mobile Makes Switching, Saving Easy in Marketing Daily on 05/11/2017

    "Boost continues to build upon its position as the best value in prepaid wireless and passionately empowers its customers to get the most of out their mobile carrier," Peiti Feng, Boost Mobile's brand marketing director. tells "Marketing Daily."

  • Disney Brings 'Cars 3' Personality To Waze in Marketing Daily on 05/09/2017

    In the first partnership of its kind, Waze has joined with Disney Pixar's upcoming "Cars 3" film to alter how people can use their app, allowing Waze users to alter their representation on the app to be lead characters Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm.

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