Awareness (And Concern) of RFID Increasing

Awareness (And Concern) of RFID Increasing

According to the most recent poll of 8,500 adults from BIGresearch and Artafact LLC, there is an increasing awareness of RFID. The response to the poll shows that two out of five respondents know of RFID in 2005.

Awareness is much higher among men (52%) than women (31%). RFID aware men and women understand the technology and can accurately describe it to others.

Heard of a "new technology" called RFID? (yes responses)

Sept-04                        28.2%
Dec-04                        35.7%
Mar-05                        40.8%

Source: BIGresearch, March, 2005

As RFID applications are used to tag everything from products to people, consumer concerns increase, says the report.. 67% of those aware are concerned that the information collected about their purchasing habits will be shared without their express permission.

Other findings include:

  • 25.6% of respondents say that TV and Radio News are the most common way people learn about RFID
  • 23% feel the internet is the greatest influence on awareness
  • 52% of men are aware of the technology than
  • 31% of women aware of RFID 

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