'New York' Magazine Signs Book Publishing Deal With Simon & Schuster

New York magazine has signed a publishing deal with Simon & Schuster to produce four books dedicated to celebrating the magazine’s reporting and its coverage of New York City.

The book will serve as “a visual history of the city as seen in the magazine’s pages,” according to a statement.

The first book in the series will debut November 2017 to precede New York’s 50th anniversary.

The first issue of New York magazine was published April 8, 1968.

New York is not the only magazine to announce a book publishing deal this week.



Yesterday, Publishers Daily reported that Outside Magazine had agreed to a three-year partnership with independent book publisher Globe Pequot. The first book will debut in October to coincide with Outside’s 40th anniversary.

New York Media’s editor for business and strategy David Haskell said in the statement: “As editors, we already publish on the magazine page and in the digital universe, but we still sometimes feel as if certain stories demand more reach. This partnership with Simon & Schuster allows us to launch big projects knowing that they might have a future in the sturdy and tactile medium of the big, ambitious book.”

The book will be divided into themes, such as Power, Families and Neighborhoods. It will include illustrations, New York magazine’s iconic covers, photography and stories from the magazine’s archives “from some of the biggest names in journalism of the last 50 years.”

Tom Wolfe, Nora Ephron and Jimmy Breslin are just a few of the notable writers who have contributed to the magazine.

The other three books in the deal will publish at yearly intervals.

New York Media’s CEO Pam Wasserstein stated: “This is the beginning of a larger program to translate New York’s unique perspective and authority into books.”

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