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What To Expect In Gorsuch Hearings

The confirmation hearings on Judge Neil Gorsuch should make for interesting TV. Since Republicans refused to even meet last year with President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Garland, Democratic activists have wanted their representatives to enact revenge.

But will they? Aside from Dems up for reelection, and the GOP's ability to use what Donald Trump calls "the nuclear option," it may be tough to block his confirmation. The issue may be the opposing narrative.

Gorsuch has spoken of an independent judiciary, but has not demonstrated any independence from the judiciary-bashing president who chose him. Democrats will also cite key rulings that showed Gorsuch's disregard for human compassion. Two in particular:

* A truck driver fired for abandoning his cargo for his own safety in subzero temperatures; Judge Gorsuch argued in a dissent that the company was permitted to fire him.

* The struggles of a professor whose discrimination claim Judge Gorsuch denied after she lost her job upon taking time off to recover from cancer.



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