Kicks Off, Becomes First To Buy '06 Super Bowl Ad Time

As the early days of May turn thoughts to flowers blooming and impending vacation plans, there are also thoughts of the Super Bowl.

Well, the thoughts of the Super Bowl are perhaps limited to the people at ESPN and ABC Sports who have already signed on their first advertiser: online job directory

The integrated marketing agreement between the three is centered around NFL Kickoff Weekend in September, and culminates with the Super Bowl in January. (Now's the time to file this story into your BlackBerry for September, as you might forget between now and then.)

"We think the Super Bowl is a great advertising opportunity, and it has been so in the past for us," a spokeswoman said. "Plus, with the whole advertising package we were presented with, there was no reason to wait until it started getting cold." had its Super Bowl debut in 2005. In addition to NFL Kickoff Weekend and the Super Bowl, the agreement also includes tie-ins with "Sunday Night Football," "Monday Night Football," other NFL programming, SportsCenter, and a customized feature entitled "Career Moves" in NFL Live.



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