Meredith Partners With Capital One To Produce Branded Video Series

Meredith is partnering with Capital One to produce an original video series, called “Safe and Sound Home,” around the BuyPower Card.

The series has six episodes so far, available on the Better Homes and Gardens Web site on a dedicated hub. The videos will also be distributed across Meredith Digital’s portfolio of sites and social channels.

The series is hosted by Emily Henderson, a home style expert and social influencer, who gives families tips in the episodes on upgrading a room to “make their homes smarter, safer and more stylish through affordable technology enhancements and simple DIY projects,” according to Meredith.



This is the first time Meredith has actively involved a micro-influencer strategy around the content product, a spokesperson said.

For example, one episode is about toddler-proofing the living room, another instructs viewers how to install smart lighting in a master bathroom. Titles range from “Make Your Home Pet-Safe & Stylish” to “Curb Home Office Clutter & Cords.”

In each episode, Henderson uses the BuyPower Card to purchase the materials for the home improvement projects.

According to editorial director Melissa Inman, home safety is a top concern among the Better Homes and Gardens audience.

This is the first video series to come out of Meredith’s BrandFront last fall, the publisher’s version of an upfront.

At the BrandFront, Meredith laid out four pillars to drive editorial development in 2017. This video series is part of the "Safe and Sound Home" pillar, focused on smart home, home safety and style and the Internet of Things.

Branded video content is popular among publishers these days. This isn't the first Meredith has produced. Meredith partnered with Merial, the Maker of Frontline Gold Brand Products, on an original video series called “As the Dog Barks” back in September.

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