CREDO Mobile Launches 'Whistleblower Defense Fund'

Politics and activism is never far from one’s mind these days.

With the right messaging and approach, corporations can take advantage of the current political climate to both promote their brand and take concrete steps to strengthen our civic democracy.

Take CREDO Mobile, which has launched the “Whistleblower Defense Fund.” The aim: supporting the legal defense of whistleblowers exposing attacks on our democracy and democratic institutions.

There is a history of activism at CREDO Mobile -- its activism arm, CREDO Action, has raised more than $83 million for organizations like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU since 1985.

And there are no plans to slow down during the Trump administration.

In fact, CREDO continues to support progressive causes, often at odds with the executive branch. President Trump continually attacks whistleblowers as leakers, weakening an important check on our far-reaching federal system. Despite pardoning Chelsea Manning, President Obama was also critical of whistleblowers.



On the CREDO Donations page, the public can vote on what portion of $150,000 the company will donate each month to three causes. The Whistleblower Defense Fund is competing with the Center for Constitutional Rights and Social Security Works for July’s donation.

As of July 6, 76,361 votes have been cast. Social Security Works leads with 53% of the votes, followed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, garnering 25%, and CREDO’s own Whistleblower Defense Fund with 22%. The numbers are constantly updated on a real-time basis.

Once you cast your vote, the thank-you email reads: “The more people who have CREDO Mobile and other CREDO products, the more we can give.”

Supporting such action, as part of public information, ensures CREDO will help future whistleblowers feel more confident when deciding whether to expose federal misdeeds.

On its website, the company states it has given $18.6 million to groups supporting climate justice, $10.5 million to organizations dedicated to promoting peace, $11.5 million for civil rights, $12.7 million for voting rights, $13.6 million for economic justice and $9.9 million to women’s-rights groups.

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