Tronc, IBD Partner On New Financial Newsletter

Tronc and financial news and research organization Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) are partnering to create a monthly newsletter to give financial advice, called Trophy Funds.

The newsletter will focus on mutual funds and offer investors' advice to “lead richer financial lives,” according to IBD.

Jerry Ferrara, president of IBD, told Publishers Daily, "Many people's 401(k) and other retirement accounts are comprised mostly of mutual funds. Yet many of them aren’t in tune with what they should be doing to optimize their mutual-fund strategy." 

IBD’s staff will provide the majority of the content with original articles, while Tronc will create the layout of Trophy Funds each month. Mark Campbell, SVP of digital marketing at Tronc, told Publishers Daily the company has also given IBD editors access to Tribune Content Agency, its content solutions arm, to pull additional articles from its brands relevant to Trophy Funds.



Tronc will also be in charge of promoting the newsletter. Its digital marketing team will focus on upselling the newsletter to existing subscribers, as well as reach new subscribers and readers.

Campbell said they will focus on three channels to reach Tronc subscribers and readers. The company will promote Trophy Funds via its email database of subscribers and free registered readers. It will also advertise on Tronc’s digital sites and platforms, as well as ads in its newspapers.

Chicago-based Tronc publishes Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Union-Tribune, among others.

Campbell stated: “After carefully studying our subscribers across all Tronc brands, we found that finance was one of the topics readers were most interested in. This partnership will help us continue our digital strategy, leveraging new technology and developing new revenue streams.”

The newsletter will address the basics of investing, as well as information about how to “beat” the S&P 500, timing the market, analyzing funds and strategies for portfolio management.

Chris Gessel, executive editor and chief content officer at IBD, stated the alliance provided "another avenue to reach and empower investors with unbiased information so that they can navigate the market successfully.”

At present, IBD and Tronc are offering a two-month free trial for the newsletter, after which subscribers wil pay $7.99 per month.
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