GearLaunch Debuts Suite Of Email Automation Tools

GearLaunch has introduced a new suite of email marketing automation tools called GL-Mail.

GL-Mail allows firms to send marketing emails containing product recommendations and special offers, the company says.

The goal is to provide “automation of email marketing best practices,” states GearLaunch founder and CEO Thatcher Spring.

According to GearLaunch, marketers can use GL-Mail to:

  • Choose from a set of effective email campaigns
  • Target buyer audiences for dynamic special offers
  • View and analyze profit, open rate, click through rate, and conversion rate of campaigns.

GL-Mail helps merchants build a CRM program and integrate it into their workflow. It says it can help them increase the ratio of lifetime value to the cost of customer acquisition.


GearLaunch also offers a suite of e-commerce tools and a “Virtual Tradeshow” of available products.

The company helps clients create online storefronts, and to handle back-office and logistic tasks, including search and discovery.  




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