Branch Partners With Eight ESPs For Email-App Links

Branch, the provider of a solution that links email with native apps, has formed product partnerships with several email service providers, including Blueshift, Epsilon, Mailjet, Mailgun, PostUp, Sailthru, Vero, and Zeta Global.

The firm has also improved its onboarding process for exiting partners like Oracle, Responsys and SendGrid.

Branch’s Deep Linked Email product allows brands to create personalized user experiences from email campaign clicks, the company says.

Deep Linked Email can route consumers to the best platform for completing the flow — to the app, to the mobile web or to the desktop, depending on what system the person is using, according to Branch. It can also capture conversions and revenue impact of email clicks from campaigns, the firm adds. And it can maintain context from email campaigns through post-app post installation  and post-onboarding, it claims.

Mobile brands Boxed, Instacart, and Tradesy rely on Branch links, Branch adds.



"Email is one of the most long-standing digital marketing channels, and still remains the most effective way for companies to reconnect with an engaged audience,” states said Branch co-founder and CEO Alex Austin.  

“Unfortunately, this critical channel never made the leap to mobile when native apps became the dominant and preferred platform," he adds.

Branch Deep Linked Email is available through both the new and existing ESP partners.


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