WorldNow, Monster Strike Local Jobs Deal

In a deal that will put local classified advertising together with local broadband content, but on a national scale, WorldNow today is expected to announce a deal with Monster to power the job listings on its local media network.

The deal, which also makes Monster the official sponsor of the "job centers" on WorldNow's network of more than 80 TV station websites, also leverages two of the most important forms of local content - news and jobs - for national advertisers, especially those involved in the recruitment market.

Launched earlier this month in partnership with ABC's owned TV station division, WorldNow's Local Media Network has taken the "unwired network" model that has worked so well for the TV and radio markets to the Internet. Unwired networks aggregate local programming - often news, but occasionally other localized content - into national reach. WorldNow's burgeoning network combines content on local stations in some of the biggest markets, including ABC stations in New York, Los Angeles and Houston.

The approach is particularly well suited for the recruitment marketplace, because while some jobs target distant prospects most are placed and sought primarily at the local level.



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