Popeyes Wants You To Stop Craving (Almost All) Fast Food

Popeyes is seeking to shake people out of their go-to fast food restaurants with a new campaign created in partnership with the chicken chain's beverage provider, Coca-Cola.

Developed with AOR GSD&M, the “Big Box Crave Off” challenge features two people sitting at opposite ends of a table while wearing an EEG headset to measure their brain waves. A levitating tray moves closer to the one whose brainwaves measure a higher level of craving while viewing the Popeyes Big Box meal and Coke beverage.

The spot runs on Facebook, Instagram, Complex and ESPN and is supported with an online challenge awarding a year’s worth of Popeyes meals. Fans can visit to play an online version of this game in real time on their desktop or mobile device. (The site is optimized for mobile use). Users will be given a chance to enter daily on the game page through Sept. 24, and one winner will be chosen each week.



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