Wonderful Halos Expands 'Good Choice, Kid' To Adults

Wonderful Halos is broadening its ‘Good Choice, Kid’ campaign to target adults, as well as children.

The brand is today unveiling two new adult-oriented TV spots to kick off the 2017-18 mandarin oranges season, which runs through May. 

The ads show adults wisely avoiding dire consequences by choosing to stick with their Wonderful Halos when offered deep fried butter on a stick at a country fair, and “Armageddon demon chiles” at a house party (below). In these adult versions, a voiceover wryly observes: “Sometimes, the right choice is easy,” although the ads still end with the “Good choice, kid” tagline.

The original, kid-oriented ads, launched a year ago for last year’s mandarins season, show kids choosing Halos instead of extremely dubious offers like staying overnight in a creepy, doll-infested mansion, swapping snacks with a scary witchrunning away to join the circus, or breaking into a construction site



Those ads will be aired again as the new season kicks off, and both new and existing TV spots will air throughout the season in local and national markets as part of a multimillion-dollar ad spend, according to The Wonderful Company. 

“The kids’ segment will continue to be an important focus for us,” but the brand’s research shows that many adults also enjoy Halos, Darren Moran, chief creative officer of the company’s in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, which created the campaign. At the same time, the brand’s research shows that many adults also enjoy Halos, and “these new commercials allow us to extend our existing campaign and reach a wider audience through fun and quirky spots that we think kids of all ages can enjoy,” he tells Marketing Daily

Wonderful, which announced that it would invest $100 million in the brand’s first five years when it launched Halos in November 2013, says this season’s campaign will also feature its biggest digital advertising investment to date, with a new influencer program and stepped-up efforts across its social media platforms.

Other elements include print, national FSIs, PR, a digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square, and its largest-ever in-store display program, with a “Grove of Goodness,” farm-to-table theme.

Wonderful says that Halos, the No. 1 mandarins brand, is 77% largest than the next-biggest brand.

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