New Tools Offered To Help With GDPR

The parade of new products to help marketers deal with the General Data Protection Regulation continues with the launch of anonymo, an anonymization tool, by SandSIV, a Switzerland-based software provider.

The so-called pseudonymization technology allows companies to bypass certain provisions of the GDPR, the firm claims. For example, they can be exempted from the need to comply with data subject access, correction, erasure and data portability requests.

In addition, users have more flexibility in profiling, the company claims.

The solution facilitates detection of numerous data formats and 50+ languages, and can be integrated with data sources and legacy systems, leading to accuracy control and tailored pseudonymization, the firm continues.

“As GDPR tightens legal requirements for the protection of sensitive, personal data, more and more organizations will experience difficulties with altering and rebuilding their data security ecosystems,” states Federico Cesconi, CEO of SandSIV.

In a separate development, U.S. cloud-based learning firm Cornerstone OnDemand is offering a GDPR-Ready Initiative. It includes strategic privacy consulting, data audits and compliance action plans. 

Heading this effort is José Alberto Rodríguez Ruiz, data protection officer for Cornerstone OnDemand.

When working on its own to achieve GDPR compliance, Cornerstone OnDemand focused on: building a dedicated privacy team, implementing privacy by design principles into its product development cycle and developing a privacy services offering to assist clients in their HR privacy efforts.

“The benefits of being GDPR-compliant go well beyond avoiding fines or minimizing the impact of a data breach,” Ruiz states. “Organizations have a legitimate interest in understanding the data they have and how it’s used.”


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