Yahoo Mail Dealing With Service Issues, Users Say

Yahoo Mail has been having service problems since early this morning, Down Detector reports.

Of the complaints that have come in, 52% appear to be over log-in issues, and 27% over difficulty reading emails.

The outage seems to be concentrated in the Eastern and Southern parts of the United States.   

Users say they were told by Yahoo that engineers are working on the problem.

Here are some of the comments posted on Down Detector: 

  • Today is the 3rd day that emails are not being posted to my Yahoo Group. My local provider told me that the problem is with Yahoo 
  • What is going on? Two days in a row with intermittent email! So annoying. Switching to gmail....been thinking about it for awhile and since I use yahoo for my business to feed my family, this will make for a good reason to switch. Again, very annoying!
  • As of last night I can't forward email from Gmail or my domains. The forwards never make it to my Yahoo inbox. Anyone else having this issue? 
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