Contact: Peddling Cabs

  • by June 22, 2005
By Daisy Whitney

When Filene's Basement in New York wanted to promote a big sale last fall, one of the ad venues it chose was pedicabs. And that's not just because the drivers - cyclists pedaling with their own power - had nice legs. As use of pedicabs has increased in places like New York and Cape Cod, so has the profile of this unusual out-of-home advertising alternative, a natural for message-bearing.

Massive Media in New York is currently touting its pedicabs for use in a summer ad program in New York, Houston, Key West, Fla., and other cities. Massive Media says a 20-cab program costs about $15,000 for a month and includes a large ad on the back of the cab, with small ads on each side. Advertisers have included the Houston Chronicle and Jose Cuervo.

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