5 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Your 2018 Easter Sales With Moms

Easter is April 1and that’s no April Fool’s joke. Americans will buy an estimated $18 billion in Easter basket items, a number that will meet last year’s record spend, according to the National Retail Federation. Much of that purchasing power is controlled by mothers. A recent survey we undertook uncovers moms’ spending habits around Easter and how brands can capture their Easter dollars. Overall, Moms find it fun to create Easter baskets and anticipate buying enough toys, clothes, books and food to fill an average of five baskets per household this year. 

With just 30 days left to capture Mom’s spending, BSM Media put together five tips to increase your share of Easter sales this year. 

  1. Expand your marketing beyond toys and chocolate bunnies.  

Eighty-five percent of moms say there is no age limit for giving Easter baskets. In fact, 73% of mothers continue to make Easter baskets for their child regardless of age or life stage. Easter gift-giving goes beyond the children in the family. Thirty-four percent of mothers buy Easter gifts for nieces and nephews with another 29% including spouses in the gifting fun. For brands, this means Easter can be lucrative by suggesting their products for the Easter basket whether it’s a bottle of wine or electric tool. Read on for tips on how to do this.  

  1. Launch your Easter marketing tactics today. 



Unlike Christmas, moms don’t ask their children or gift recipients for a wish list and they start shopping on March 1. Fifty-seven percent of moms complete their Easter shopping in the first week of March and 96% will have it done by March 26th. This means that if your company wants to capture some of mom’s spending, it’s imperative to be out there, speaking with them now. 

  1. Provide Mom with creative ideas on how to integrate your product with Easter activities.

The majority of moms surveyed don’t purchase pre-packaged Easter baskets. Even with their busy schedules and the juggle of family life, Moms enjoy the fun of being creative with Easter baskets and gifts. More than 90% of moms will include at least one toy in their baskets and expect to spend $8 - 10 on each one. Fifty-two percent of mothers surveyed confessed to spending up to $50 on each Easter basket although 89% will seek out deals and offers on retailer sites and on social media. 

  1. Use Facebook to get Mom’s attention. 

Moms like to be creative with Easter baskets and they find inspiration and ideas on Facebook. Fast-format videos are a great way to quickly provide moms with the inspiration they are seeking in a place where they are looking.  

  1. Engage with Moms on Instagram. 

Moms get their inspiration from a variety of online destinations and right behind Facebook is Instagram. Forty-two percent of moms go to Instagram for Easter inspiration so it’s important to offer ideas that include your product. Marketers can inspire and engage with peer images; Easter baskets assembled with your product or creative gift packaging for the holiday.  

Easter season is a great time to increase sales or introduce new products before summer starts. It’s not too late to take advantage of Easter opportunities.

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