Twitter Taps Agrawal As CTO

Twitter has finally found a new Chief Technology Officer in Parag Agrawal, the company just revealed. Agrawal has served as a “distinguished” software engineer at Twitter since 2011.

Among other achievements, Agrawal is credited with spearheading Twitter’s efforts to make the Home timeline more relevant using machine learning and better incorporate data analysis into product development.

In response to the news, this week, present and former Twitter executives are singing Agrawal’s praises.

Adam Bain, the social giant’s one-time Chief Operating Officer, said watching Agrawal in action was a sight to see. “He’s a star,” Bain tweeted on Thursday.



Despite recently reporting its first quarterly profit since going public in 2013, Twitter still faces a host of challenges, and existential threats.

Twitter COO Anthony Noto recently announced his plans to leave the company. Noto, who is credited with contributing to Twitter’s financial turnaround over the past year or so, is taking the CEO spot at Social Finance, a financial technology company.

Along with Facebook, Twitter recently admitted that it has failed to fully grasp its potential for harm. “We didn’t fully predict or understand the real-world negative consequences,” CEO Jack recently Dorsey admitted. “We acknowledge that now — and are determined to find holistic and fair solutions.”

Going forward, fixing Twitter will require building a “systemic framework to help encourage more healthy debate, conversations and critical thinking,” Dorsey said.

The effort includes asking for outside proposals to help determine how Twitter can promote a healthier environment.

Twitter’s CTO seat has been empty since Adam Messinger left&n bsp;in late 2016.

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