Want Prime Results, Without Prime-Time Pricing? Download Merkle's 'Amazon Playbook'

It’s not quite the scale of “Black Friday,” or even “Cyber Monday,” but Amazon’s “Prime Day” has become one of the biggest online commerce days of the year, according to an analysis published as part of Merkle’s just-released “Amazon Ads Playbook.” Best of all, Merkle finds it’s still a best kept secret in terms of media value. Or, at least it was.

Performance-wise, Prime Day sales have been (almost) off the chart. And they continue to grow. 2017’s Prime Day sales grew 60% over 2016. Despite spikes in traffic, clicks, awareness and conversions, search advertising prices for Prime Day advertising has not become “prime.”



“One would assume that, during a time of elevated traffic and sales, the space would become increasingly competitive,” the Merkle team writes, adding, “However, that wasn’t the case, as the average cost per click remained flat when comparing Prime Day to the average July day.”

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