How Deep Is Your Deep State Love? Only Your Favorite TV Network Knows For Sure

Just wondering where the Deep State meets for lunch -- and whether they have any budgets to advertise on TV.

You need to have a meeting place where liquor is available as a lubricant to get your hate on. Or love. You may ask: How deep is your deep state love?

TV is the place to get your word out.

TV news networks talk about the Deep State -- tangentially -- but not in heavy detail. Not on CNN, MSNBC or even Fox News Channel. Some references are made about the FBI, the Justice Department and other vague officials. Viewers and TV brand advertisers want to know. Myth? Fact? Maybe this stuff is too deep for real explaining.

In the past, TV news networks have run political advertising containing references to the “deep state.” Perhaps those officials should surface on TV -- do some interviews in the shadows. Everyone needs press.

To date, some former and current federal officials may not totally agree with the chaos and dysfunction in Washington, D.C. Maybe some emails have been exchanged, or drinks downed to drown deep political outcomes.



If these fringe political or other groups do exist, it would be a good news story. Maybe a couple of story arcs here would be good. Scores of emails, texts or letters are somewhere and will no doubt be revealed. Maybe the Russians can find them.

During the last few years, print, TV, radio and online journalists have produced solid, award-winning work on issues related to but not exclusively about the ongoing Russian investigation.

So don’t worry, conspiratorial followers, investigative journalism will uncover something -- if that is indeed the type of content you are looking for.

And then there is this: Last year, a new international drama -- “Deep State,” an espionage thriller -- was announced. It's set to run in 58 countries in Europe, Africa and other places. It comes from the Fox Networks Group. You know, the company that also owns the Fox News Channel.

Wait... I think I see a conspiracy!

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